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Auch wenn sie aus Thurgauer Sicht momentan (zum Glück) ein unrealistisches
Worst-Case-Szenario ist, zeigt die Situation unserer Berufskollegen in den USA auf, wie wichtig ein hoher Organisationsgrad in der Lehrerschaft plötzlich werden kann.

Wer mehr erfahren will, dem sei die Quelle des Zitats weiter unten zur Lektüre empfohlen ( Der erste Abschnitt dieses TIME-Artikels vom 13.9.2018 ist fast schon niederschmetternd:

Hope Brown can make $60 donating plasma from her blood cells twice in one week, and a little more if she sells some of her clothes at a consignment store. It’s usually just enough to cover an electric bill or a car payment. This financial juggling is now a part of her everyday life—something she never expected almost two decades ago when she earned a master’s degree in secondary education and became a high school history teacher. Brown often works from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. at her school in Versailles, Ky., then goes to a second job manning the metal detectors and wrangling rowdy guests at Lexington’s Rupp Arena to supplement her $55,000 annual salary. With her husband, she also runs a historical tour company for extra money.